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Total Area vs Living Area

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Total Area vs Living Area

Did you know that whenever you are looking online, in a magazine or a book for house plans, it only gives you the “living square footage”? Understanding Total Area vs Living Area can be a little confusing at times. What is the difference exactly? Living Area includes any square footage under the air conditioning. In these calculations, it is the gross house area, inclusive of walls. The Total Area will include porches, garages, balconies, etc. Below is a picture visually depicting the difference between living area and total area.

In order to get a proper quote for building and engineering purposes, there is another piece of information that you will need to know. Besides the living square footage, you will need to know the “total square footage under roof.” The total square footage under the roof will  be the total area, including the entry, garage, lanais, balconies, etc.

One of the reasons Sater Design house plans may cost more is because of the large outdoor living areas (i.e.: verandas, loggias, etc.). While these areas are less costly to build than air conditioned space, they still add to the overall square footage, which will add to the cost of your new home.

The living area is listed on every single one of our plans and the total area information is available to you as well. Please feel free to email or call us and we can provide you with the total square footage under roof for any of our house plans. We can also give you quotes for engineering in your area and we can answer any other questions you may have. So please contact us at Sater Design and let us give you the tools to help you make your decisions easy and accurately. We look forward to hearing from you!

Total vs Living Area

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  • The total area under roof when it comes to paying does that include the roof or the roof trusses are paid seperate

    WIlliam on

  • Does this apply to a mobile or manufactured home when you are listing it for sale in Florida? I was told that you can only calculate the size of the home itself exclusive of add ons. Is that true?

    Russell Clifford on

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