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5 Great Reasons to Build A New Home

Posted by Kelly Tripp on

5 Great Reasons to Build a New Home

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A recent survey on Trulia indicates that the majority of Americans would choose building a new home over purchasing an existing one if given the chance.

When you compare the process of buying a home that adequately fits your needs with building a home that truly satisfies your needs, it’s easy to see why building is better. Even though there are time consuming choices to be made such as choosing a contractor, where to build, and design and color selections, there are compelling reasons for going through this process.  Listed below are 5 great reasons why building a new home is better than buying an existing one.

1. You Get Exactly What You Want
By building a new home, you have full control to get exactly what you want. Instead of settling for an existing house that comes close to your desires, you choose a house plan that fits your lifestyle exactly while enhancing it with products and color choices that fit your taste. Building from a set of house plans ensures both customization as well as reliability, but allows for your choices in terms of interior décor to meet your exact needs. You can create your dream home from foundation to roof, placing your own unique touches to make it your home.

If starting with a smaller home or downsizing, check out our new Sorrento plan (#6570) that has 1808 sq. ft.

Sorrento Home Plan





The Sorrento – Plan #6570


If a larger home is your preference, take a look at one of our best-selling plans, the Ferretti (#6786) with 3031 sq. ft.

Ferretti House Plan

The Ferretti – Plan #6786


2. Quality of Life
When you build a new home it allows you to create what you want all at once, preventing regular updates. You have the time to enjoy the benefits of your new home rather than spending weekends and time off on constant remodeling projects.

Included in our beautiful Casoria plan (#6797) is a loggia for lounging, barbeques, and if you choose, an outdoor television for those relaxing days by the pool.

Casoria Home Plan

The Casoria – Plan #6797


3. New Technology
It can cost big bucks to retrofit new technology into an older home. Having your home pre-wired for technology and products such as a high tech sound system and security system significantly reduces the difficulty in installation, and therefore reduces the cost.


4. You Get An Inside View
When you purchase an older home built by someone else, there are sometimes hidden problems. Trying to find the root cause can be a challenge if issues are concealed within walls or ceilings.

So when you build a new home, you have the advantage of seeing how things are put together. This allows a better understanding of how homes function and may help to diagnose future problems.

Monroe House Plan Under Construction

The Monroe – Plan #7060 under construction


Monroe House Plan Front View

The Monroe – Plan #7060


5. Low Maintenance
Building a new home will cut down on repairs in the short term. In the first few years, maintenance and general repairs will usually be minimal. There are some new building products that come with reduced maintenance requirements and extended warranties, such as roofing, siding and exterior trim.

The end result in building a home is that you get exactly what you want out of your house. For those who are willing to go through the process, there are significant advantages that will pay dividends well into the future. Whether you’re looking to build from one of our hundreds of existing stock plans or you are looking to create a custom home plan, let Sater Design show you how we can put you in your dream home today!

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