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Luxury Home Plans Book (LOW STOCK)

Total Living  |   Bedrooms  |  Full Baths
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This beautiful book does more than inform. It inspires. 

In this colorful and richly textured collection of luxury homes, you'll find the newest and most unique interior and exterior design ideas from Dan Sater II, AIBD. 

Dan is one of America's most recognized and influential designers, and every page of this glorious book is a testament to his vision. 

Featuring designs and floor plans for over one-hundred opulent view-oriented homes, Luxury Home Plans will challenge the way you view your surroundings. Whether you're looking for plans to build your long-awaited dream home - or simply practical ideas for landscaping, decorating and furnishing - this book is an invaluable resource. 

With its exciting floor plans, breathtaking photography and state-of-the-art decorating and furnishing ideas, Luxury Home Plans will inspire you to change not only your living space, but your entire way of living.