Home Plans

When you build a home with the help of Sater Design, you get the benefit of choice: you can either shop our pre-made and well-loved floor plans, modify one of our pre-made plans to suit your needs, or get a custom home plan designed especially for you.
Below you’ll find our collection of house plans, all of which were designed with luxury, comfort, and aesthetic appeal in mind. Sater Designs houses combine traditional elements with our own unique and modern touches to create homes that ensure you’ll love where you live.
If you’ve found a home plan that is almost, but not exactly, what you envisioned for your new home, we offer plan customization services to modify our plans to perfectly suit your family’s needs. Visit our Modification Consultation page to get started.
Rest assured, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today and we’ll assist you in finding the perfect house design for the home of your dreams.


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