Concrete Home Plans

Concrete Home Plans

Our concrete style home plans obviously feature concrete construction, which has long been a staple in our southwest Florida design criteria. Concrete home plans have numerous structural and sustainable benefits including greater wind resistance and long lasting, low-maintenance living. Concrete homes of today incorporate many other techniques besides traditional masonry block construction. Methods such as ICFs, or “insulated concrete forms” yield greater insulative values as well. Lightweight “autoclaved concrete blocks” are another method of construction as well as “poured in place” concrete walls systems. Any of these methods offer distinct and varied benefits to the user. As concrete construction has been employed by our firm for over 30 years with great success, these methods are recognizable in most of our home plans offered. To add on another benefit, concrete style home plans can have almost any appearance, so this construction technique is offered in most any architectural style or luxury home plan.


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Our Concrete Home Plans collection has plenty of options to choose from. There are many ways to narrow your search down. For example, you can search by width, depth, number of bedrooms and more.

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