Glossary of Terms

The home plan industry is not unlike any other industry. It has its own terminology and nomenclature. When you first enter the waters of home plan and design it can seem overwhelming. People can seem to be talking a different language. It can be handy to have a glossary of terms available to help decipher whats going on. As with any discipline, home design uses specific terms and phrases that can have alternate meanings. For instance my porch can be your lanai, or my Italian style can be your Mediterranean. It helps with communication if everyone is using the same terms for the same thing.

Our Glossary of Terms

Listed below is a somewhat comprehensive list of terms and phrases that we use. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, and as styles change and technology marches forward, we will be adding content as needed. We hope this list will make your search for a new home plan easier. If you think we are missing any terms, feel free to contact us.

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