You’ve got your plan, Now What?

You have your plans, now what? There are multiple steps you need to take before submitting your plans to your local planning commission.

Your local plumbing contractor needs to draw in the plumbing lines based on your lot, the positioning of your home on your lot and the location of the water supply. They will use that information, along with the location of the plumbing fixtures shown in the plans to create your plumbing plan.

Additionally, your local HVAC contractor will draw in the duct lines for your home. Since energy calculations are different throughout the country (and world), it is important to have lines drawn to support the equipment your HVAC contractor has determined will best suit the size and climate of your new home.

We strongly recommend you have your plans reviewed by a local structural and truss engineer to ensure your plans will fully satisfy local building codes and be expediently approved. Different locations have different conditions, such as hurricanes or earthquakes that homes need to be able to withstand. A local expert familiar with your specific locale is best prepared to ensure your plans meet the requirements of your area.

Please remember to verify if your municipality requires a licensed Architect to stamp and seal the plans. You will need to arrange this if it is required in your area.

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