Should I be my own contractor?

Instead of hiring a builder to manage the building of your home, there is the option of being your own contractor. Proceed with caution if you are thinking about going this route.

First, being your own contractor is taking on the job another person would be doing full-time. The hours you will need to be on your property will be very early and you will need to visit the property very often. You and your spouse will already have dozens, if not hundreds, of finishes to select from exterior colors to doorknobs and cabinetry. Do you have the time needed to do the job successfully?

Second, it requires specialized knowledge. Will you be able to recognize things that are going wrong as quickly as an expert? How well can you read plans? Are you confident in your ability to trouble-shoot if you should have to resolve issues while building?

Finally, how will you locate reputable sub-contractors? A builder has an established set of subs they work with that they trust. Finding qualified and insured professionals will take time and effort and you may still encounter pitfalls along the way.

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