Selecting Exterior Colors

Selecting the exterior color for your home may just be one of the most difficult decisions to make in building your house. After the plan, the exterior color may make the next biggest impact on the overall outcome.

You want your home to look like it really belongs in your neighborhood, that it contributes to the cohesive look of your street. You also want to ensure the exterior colors are appropriate for the style of the home. Even if you are planning on this house being “it”, the very last forever home for your family, try to pick exterior colors that have universal appeal, just in case you change your minds and eventually want to sell.

Look at our books and magazines for ideas. Even if we do not have photographs of your exact plan, look at the color schemes used on similar home styles that you like. Drive around your new neighborhood, and see what color schemes other people are using to make sure your idea will blend well.

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