Lot first, or plan first?

If you are shopping for home plans, it is important to consider if you will buy your lot or your plan first. 
One important consideration that may help you determine this is the local set-back requirements. Each municipality has its own rules about how far your new home must be from the edges of your lot and the middle of your street. Specific neighborhoods may have their own requirements as well.

If you are set on a specific neighborhood or a specific home plan, you have probably made up your mind on what will come first for you. However, if you are still flexible, check out some home plans you like in your size range and the average lot requirements of your building area. Compare that to the specific lots for sale, and see where this leads you. 
Lastly, if you have your dream home plan and your dream lot and they are not a perfect match, consider having our modifications department handle the changes needed to make them work together. We have often done slight size changes to fit lot restrictions with minimal impact on the overall interior spaces.

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