Landscaping Basics

Designing outdoor living spaces is the fun part of building a home. The easiest way to choose a landscape and pool designer is to pick a professional whose signature style you like; someone who is fun to work with and has a sense of adventure. A good landscape designer will have specialized knowledge of the specific area in which you are building in order to make the most educated plans based on what plants thrive in your hardiness zone. Additionally, landscape architects often possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this field.

In order to design appropriate landscaping and hardscaping that will complement the home, the designer will meet the owners to learn more about their lifestyle preferences and budget, as well as to find out how the pool will be used. It is important that the homeowners try to define what they are looking for, which could be as simple as tearing out pictures of what they like and do not like from magazines.

Once hired, the homeowners should trust the landscape architect to use his or her expertise in designing a cohesive pool and landscape plan. A good landscape architect listens to the homeowner and is able to visualize what they want and translate those visions into a reality.

A landscape designer will learn about the orientation of the home and work to maximize views toward and away from the house. When done correctly, landscaping will define the scale and proportion of the home.


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