Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page in broken down into 7 sections. While the topic of building a home can generate a lot of questions, we have tried to gather the most asked questions and organize them here.

Each section below has the most asked question in that category. If you do not see the question you need the answer to, please phone or email us your question. If enough people have the same question, we will expand this section. And remember no question is too small, we deal with home plans all day so what might be obvious to us could be a total mystery to someone building a home for the first time.

Whats Included

Do plans come with a Materials List?

Many of our plans come with a Materials List as a benefit when you order a plan.  The Materials List is constructed for the original plan design and will not reflect any changes or modifications made to the home plan. Custom Materials Lists can be ordered for any modified plan for an additional fee.

What is included in the Material List?

Our material list is a quantitative take-off of the materials required to build a specific plan. This list does not include finished materials (i.e., paint, carpet, etc.) electrical, mechanical, or plumbing materials, as these items are customer specific.

Do you include trusses on your home plans?

Because local codes and conditions would dictate different trusses designs in different areas we do not include them on the plans. We recommend having your plan converted to truss construction by a qualified expert.

Why don’t the plans include HVAC and plumbing?

Our plans are sold around the country, and without knowledge of your local code and climate, it isn’t possible for us to appropriately design a system to handle your heating and cooling needs. Similarly, without knowledge of which direction water will enter your home, we are unable to draw the plumbing lines. Your contractors are best able to assess and plan accordingly for your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Home Design

If you are looking for information on getting a custom home plan designed, please visit Sater Group, Inc.