Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page in broken down into 7 sections. While the topic of building a home can generate a lot of questions, we have tried to gather the most asked questions and organize them here.

Each section below has the most asked question in that category. If you do not see the question you need the answer to, please phone or email us your question. If enough people have the same question, we will expand this section. And remember no question is too small, we deal with home plans all day so what might be obvious to us could be a total mystery to someone building a home for the first time.

Plan Modification

I have some changes to make, how should I proceed?

If you are making changes beyond bringing the plans up to your local codes, we recommend that you make use of our Plan Modification services. If you are intending to simply bring the plans up to the building codes in your area, to satisfy the requirements of most building departments, you will need to purchase the reproducible Vellum or CAD version of the plan you are interested in. Plans must be purchased on Reproducible Vellum or CAD for the modifications and revisions to be permitted due to Copyright Law.

Do you offer custom home designs?

Yes, we do offer custom home designs. You can find out more information through our custom division. Learn more at The Sater Group, Inc.

What is the difference between print licenses?

A print license is conveyed to the purchaser as either a PDF file or a printed vellum. The PDF file cannot be modified and can only be printed. The vellum is erasable and allows for very minor changes and /or notes to be added. An electronic license allows for the client or the client’s consultants to make more elaborate modifications to plans (i.e.: widen a bedroom, add a fireplace, or add a window, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Home Design

If you are looking for information on getting a custom home plan designed, please visit Sater Group, Inc.