Corporate Partners

The Sater Design Collection is always interested in sharing quality products of an enduring value with our customers. We enjoy a great relationship with our corporate partners. Our philosophy is centered around giving our clients the best product possible. That includes getting them in contact with the best products for their new home. We send out promotional with each plan we sell. We also supply our corporate partners with a monthly report detailing all the sales for that month. In addition to the promotional materials and the monthly reports we give our corporate partners space on our website. The exposure on our website depends on the level of partnership we have with our corporate partner. Some get home page spot light spaces. While others get banner adds.


We are always on the lookout for interesting and innovative people to add as corporate partners with Sater Design Collection. We also have a custom design firm, Sater Group, Inc. which specializes in custom residential design. Sater Group, Inc. has designed large luxury homes all over the world. Our corporate partners sometime cross over form the stock home plan business to the custom design service.


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you. You can always contact us at (800) 718-7526 to learn more about our corporate partnership program.

Corporate Partnership