Pet Friendly Home designs

Building a Pet-Friendly Home

Pets fill a companionship and nurturing need for many of us. When the bond between pet parents and our furry friends runs deep, we want to make our home a pet-friendly place. There a many ways you can incorporate a special space, or simply improvements in your new home plan or existing home for your best friend.

Making a Pet-Friendly House Plan

If you are building a new home it’s important to consider your lifestyle, including your pet’s needs, when determining the floor plan layout. One such practical amenity, especially for dog lovers, would be a mud room for dirty paws, with a doggie door for easy access to the outdoors.

Pet-friendly doggie door

Many of the Sater Design home plans have large utility spaces that can also be modified to suit your particular needs. The finishes in these animal-friendly spaces, such as smart storage for food and food bowls and even a pet wash area, can be incorporated into the overall home design.

Pet-friendly utility room

Most dogs and cats like to see outdoors, so select a room with a large window and possibly create a ledge or window seat with stain-resistant fabric for your pet. The inside of the window seat could provide extra storage or even a step or ramp for your aging friend.

Pet-friendly dog or cat perch

Our “Mount Julian” plan, with abundant large windows overlooking a wrap-around deck and veranda, would be one such option for great views for you and your pet.

Pet friendly views in the Mount Julian plan

Mount Julian-Rear Elevation-Plan #6853

The Best Pet-Friendly Finishes

Durable floors are a must for a pet-friendly home. You need hard surface flooring to keep your rooms safe from piddle and paw prints. Choices such as laminate and concrete floors, in addition to stone and porcelain tile, are popular choices.

Thinking hardwood or carpet? Keep in mind that hardwood scratches and dents more easily, and “accidents” that are not cleaned up immediately can stain and warp wood floors. You can preserve your existing hardwoods by trimming Fido’s nails regularly, and protect high traffic areas with non-skid rugs. If carpeting is your choice, look for a pet-friendly, stain-resistant low-pile variety or even carpet squares that can be easily replaced.

For your furnishings, choose paw-safe fabrics. Easy to clean is the key when you own a pet. Choose denim or sturdy synthetic options, such as Crypton super fabrics that will resist stains, odor, and moisture.

When it comes to walls, save your beautiful wallpaper or grass cloth for rooms where there is limited pet access. Choose a semi-gloss paint finish or tile, making dirt and moisture easy to wipe away.

And as always, look to Sater Design for all of your home plan and home design needs. Let us know how we can help you create the perfect home for you and your furry best friend.

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